A premium grade 17/22 caliber rim fire noise suppressor. All hand crafted on conventional machinery then hand fitted for maximum accuracy. Featuring a Marine grade 9 Titanium body, fully milled 6061-t6 mono core with Stainless 17-4 blast baffle and 1/2"x28 adaptor. Easy to disassemble, comes with disassembly tool and Pelican case. Available in polished  titanium or Cerakote finish  and rated for full auto use on all 17/22 rimfire calibers. 1" diameter, 6" length, 5.2 oz,  40+ db noise reduction. Limited lifetime warranty on fit and function. MSRP $469

Sound Saver


Fully CNC machined, 60 degree cone style multi core lightweight 17/22 caliber rim fire noise suppressor. Aircraft grade 6061-t6 aluminum body and cones with 7075-t6 1/2"x28 adaptor.Easy to disassemble caps use a standard 1" 12 pt. socket. 1" diameter by 5.7" length. Light in weight at 4.5 oz  and light on the pocket too. Cerakote finish, semi auto rated and 35+ db noise reduction. Limited warranty on fit and function. MSRP $239 

Coming Soon


Fully machined and welded 2 point type attachment rifle noise suppression systems.