Silencer Manufacturing and Repairs



Silencer disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, Cerakote refinishing, baffle repairs, bore truing, thread repairs, welding and specialty fabrication

Building a firearm on a Form 1?

We offer engraving for make, model and serialization 

Transferring a firearm or Suppressor on a Form 4?

As a Class 3 manufacturer and dealer, we can help with the transfer paperwork and facilitate the transfer to an individual or trust.

Specialty Repairs

Do you have a silencer with a stuck core or baffles? We can remove the core assembly, clean and repair the parts, reassemble the device and renew the finish if so desired with a high temperature Cerakote finish. 


1) Can I ship my registered device to you for repairs? 

    1a)   Yes you can. Generally Fedex or UPS are the preferred carriers. We can provide a FFL copy for transport and an estimated completion date followed by insured, signature required return shipping directly to the individual.

2) What if I'm building my own device but need completion or engraving services?

  2a) Package up your device and approved Form 1 and ship it by Fedex or UPS.

3) How can I purchase your Silencers? 

3a) Contact us for Class 3 dealers who can facilitate the transfer.